Meet Enemy No 1

Our enemy is at it every day, every moment, every chance he gets he uses with maximum impact. He never give up in his quest for spreading his evil thoughts and ideas to all of us innocent so-called “lambs”.
This enemy, as evil as he is, comes to me every day and does not leave me until somehow, by the blessings of angels, I fall asleep. I think that’s the only time this evil enemy leaves me alone, although I cant be completely sure of that. For now, lets assume that sleeping temporarily saves me and you from the enemy.

This evil thing makes sure that I think about situations that happened in the past, sometimes way back in the past, things which cant be changed anymore. Then am reminded about situations which never happened in reality. Conversations which never took place. I think about myself being in particularly embarrassing situations. I know I should have killed myself for saying or doing certain things in the past, but that is now a part of my history and no matter what I do I can never change that.

My sworn enemy shows how weak, stupid and unworthy I am of any kind of achievement. It asks, “who are you dude? what quality do you have to make things happen? why would anyone on earth be motivated to follow you? Come on, Wake up and smell the coffee.”

My enemy is wicked. He knows all my weak points. he uses them in all possible ways. He says to me, “look at you, what have you achieved in life? you are physically unfit, psychologically weak, mentally dumb, unintelligent, lazy, worthless piece of meat”. I feel he has his points well connected. He makes sense because there are examples in my life which endorse the above qualities.

This is the way my enemy no 1 wins over me. He wins when he makes me loose hope in myself. He wins when I begin to give up on my dreams. I loose all. He wins everything. In the end, he makes me think like a looser, like a lamb in a slaughter house. Now lets meet this evil enemy. It is ME. Yes, nobody else in the world tells me all these to my face but myself. The voice that speaks to me everyday, every free moment, its my own voice, my own thoughts.

The reason I cant move ahead and change myself is because of these voices that come from within me. I stay away from success because that stupid voice reminds me of failure as a rule in my life. I am a victim of my own designs. My own self made model of life has been structured on failure as an end result.

The good news is that I have another me, the one which is positively programmed to do great things in life. I wish I knew how to talk to myself…

Why cant we dream in Yemen?

Zain is from Yemen, the starting point of Arab civilization, the origin of Semitic peoples. I feel very lucky that Zain is still alive after the Saudi bombs destroyed his school and the lives of a dozen children all aged under 12. I am so glad Zain still has his nerves together after loosing his father, mother, brother and sister in another Saudi air raid just before Eid. Neighborhoods in Sada have basically turned into make shift open sky hospitals where mothers earned medical degrees overnight. Doctors with proper University degrees are either dead or imprisoned. So its now up to the newly qualified mothers to provide what Yemeni children need the most, a little bit of love and care after the after the horrors caused by Saudi bombings.

Zain talks world politics like a Senator. This is not due to his school, no, it’s because Zain and all the other kids are always faced with political questions at home, at school and in the playgrounds. The question is also almost always the same, which is, “Why are Saudis bombing Yemen”? Answers will also circle around a theme very common in Zain’s area. Kids know that Saudis cant really fight a real war on the ground, for if they did, every Yemeni youth would be firing slingshots enough to blind the attackers back to the other side of the border. That is why Saudis decided to not face real men on the ground.

As for Zain, he thinks Saudis are only doing what their friends in Tel Aviv advised them to do. They are only following friendly “orders”.

How is Yemen important to Israel? Well, Zain thinks its not so much about Yemen as such but its really about the rise of a revolutionary idea. What is that idea? Its this thing called “Hope”. See, Yemen, like so many other Muslim countries, wants to change the normal thought that nothing can be changed, that the status quo must always be maintained, that powerful people must not be challenged, that politics is not the agenda for common people, but now the Houthi movement wants to challenge all that. Houthis want to say that Change is possible and it can happen. Common people can choose to dream differently, to think of changing the society and say bye bye to state hypocrisy. This is Zain’s understanding as a 12 year old.

Zain’s thoughts strike so much similarity with people across the Muslim world that its difficult to whether Zain comes from Sada or Baghdad or Damascus or Cairo. The basic rule seems to be quite common amongst the rulers of the Muslim world. They survive on the pill that makes Muslims loose hope in their identity, history and above all they give up on their natural abilities to change their circumstances.

Why should it be like this? Why should Muslims feel hopeless in their own country? Zain stares at the sky asking whether it was another Saudi jet that he just saw flying over a minaret.

Zaidi book about Prayer (Salaat) and other Rituals

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Sources of Collected Rulings Pertaining to the Proofs of the Permissible and Prohibited:

The Book of Ritual Purity, The Book of Prayer, and the Book of Funeral Rites


Imam al-Mutawakkil ‗ala Allah Ahmed bin Sulaymān


(a) Translator’s Introduction.

(b) Author’s Biography.

(c) Content (summary) of the book.

(d) The Translation of the text:

Part 1:

The Book of Ritual Purity

Chapter 1A: Water:

Chapter 1B: Cleansing the Private Parts (Istinjā)

Chapter 1C: The Attributes of Purity and Its Obligations

Chapter 1D: Washing the Hands

Chapter 1E: Wiping the Head

Chapter 1F: Washing the Feet

Chapter 1G: What Obligates Ablution

Chapter 1H: Purification PART 2:

Part 2:

The Book of Prayer

Chapter 2A: Call to Prayer (al-adhān) and the Pre-Prayer Call (al-iqāma)

by Clean Earth (at-Tayammum)

Chapter 2B: Prayer Times

Chapter 2C: Combining the Prayers

Chapter 2D: The Characteristics of the…

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Zaidi Creed Part 3: Imamate in Zaydism

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7. Imamate

7A: Concerning the Imamate of Imam „Ali, peace be upon him

If it is said: Who was the leader (imām) after the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, and the first successor for the community without interruption (bilā faŝl)?

Say: The Commander of the Believers (Amīr al-Muminīn) and the Most Excellent of Executors (Sayyid al-Waŝŝi’īn), „Ali bin Abi Tālib.

If it is said: This is a claim. What is your evidence?

Say: The Book, the Sunnah, and the consensus of the Descendants [of the Prophet] (al-‘itra).

Regarding the Book: The Exalted says: {Verily your only Guardian is Allah, His Messenger, and those who believe–those who establish the prayer and pay the alms (Zakāt) while bowing.} (Q. 5:55). No one paid the alms while in the state of bowing, other…

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Zaidi Creed, Part 1, Zaydism

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Regarding Gnosis of the Lord of the Worlds


The Guardian of the Ahlul Bayt,

Amir al-Hussein bin Badruddīn


1. Translator’s Introduction
2. Author’s biography.
3. A Summary of the entire book.
4. Credal statements about Allah and His Attributes:
4a: Allah the Creator
4b: Allah’s Attributes
4c: Can Allah be Seen?
4d: The One-ness of Allah (Tawheed)
4e: Divine Justice
4f: Regarding Allah’s Punishment
4g: Regarding Allah’s Will.
5. The Hereafter
6. Prophethood
7. Imamate

1. Translator‟s Introduction

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful…

All praise is due to Allah, the Exalted and Majestic; the One who has no partners or associates; the One who provides the light of guidance to His slaves so that they may attain spiritual perfection and illumination by means of it. May Allah send His choicest blessings upon His slave and seal of the Messengers, Muhammad bin…

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