Jinnah’s Words Iqbal’s Thoughts Divided the Jewel of the World, Twice

I was motivated to research on the Fall of Dhaka after I had been convinced that Pakistan was created by the sweat and blood of “Bengali Muslims” as much as by any other ethnic Muslim group in Undivided Hindustan. Although Dr Iqbal did not dream of Bengal to be a part of his Pakistan, but that does not matter, because  in the elections of 1946, AIML (All India Muslim League) received its largest mandate from Bengal. By 1947, Bengalis managed to create their dream country Pakistan. Not on ethnic or linguistic basis, but on ideological grounds. Why then did the minority Pakistanis in the western half accuse the majority Bengali Muslims of being “traitors”, “separatists”, “un-civilized” and “un-Islamic”? What objective was the comparison serving, sir? If Faith and Ideology had been the cornerstones for Pakistan, then it defeats every intelligent thought to reduce that lofty ideal to a linguistic, cultural and racial comparison. Does that mean that those who used these Jahilii (illiterate) statements were just plain stupid?

I understand that the British-ness of the so-called aristocrats and zamindars of the landed elites must have had an appeal of majesty which the poor farmers and fishermen could only hold in awe, but that’s utter ignorance isn’t it sir to lift up and hold in esteem the culture of the usurpers against whom, we are supposed to believe, we struggled against to get independence? BTW, I don’t think any community “gets” independence until and unless the balance of power shifts. In 1947, the balance shifted away from the British and went to the Americans.

Pakistani Bengali Muslims had never accused their western rulers of anything but “economic” discrimination. That’s quite a brilliant stand if one thinks about it. Anybody can check that claim against the historical data to verify its authenticity. For eg, which wing got the lion share of the budget? Which wing got majority of development funds and foreign aid? which community benefited most from access to finance and private credit? From which part did the country get most of its foreign exchange from? Which wing was the “majority” and which wing was the more economically “prosperous” one?

Should the Pakistani Bengalis be guilty of fabrications, lies and deceits, with regard to the above Economic statistics, then by all means they should deserve the blame for splitting the country into two. But what if they had facts and figures and supporting documents (from Islamabad) to back up their claims about the policies of “discrimination” against them? What then, sir?

The fact is this, Pakistani Bengalis were pushed out FORCEFULLY by the elites. So long as Bengalis remained part of Pakistan it would be almost impossible by certain political dynasties to capture, subjugate and steal from the masses. Not a new game I’m afarid. The real traitors who pushed the majority Pakistanis out of Pakistan learned the particular art of from the partition of 1947.

You see, we Muslims did not leave Delhi because we disliked it after living there for 1000 years. Delhi was the heartbeat (and still is) of all Hindustani and non-Hindustani Muslims. Why did we leave Delhi? We were forcefully pushed out of Delhi. Muslims were exiled, thrown out, evacuated, displaced, having been fooled into believing that we were “migrating” (a holy concept from Islamic history). Well, in reality we were not migrating, we were being kicked out of our most magnificent city in the world!!

British trained lawyers Jinnah on one hand and the famous British knight Sir Iqbal the poet-philosopher of the British Empire sold the idea of “defeatspeak” to the Muslims. They basically said, “hey look, you guys, you Moslems will suffer under the Hindus, they will never ever give you what you truly deserve. So, its in your best interest to leave Delhi and Agra to the Hindus and you Moslems go as refugees to a new country. Don’t worry about our glorious 1000 year Islamic legacy. Leave India to the Hindus, just as it was under Hindus before our arrival. So come on now, pack up and leave!”.

Bloody insane. Muslims started to believe that Delhi and Agra really should be evacuated by them. They should become Refugees and that their 1000 year love affair with Delhi and Agra should be abandoned because these really smart guys Jinnah and Sir Iqbal said so.

Why did the Muslims not open their minds? The fact is that Jinnah and others were either poor copies of their British colonial masters or incredibly greedy for fame and peerage. They had no originality. On the other hand, it would have been in the best interest of Moslems to declare their loyalty, their 1000 year passion for Delhi, Agra, Calcutta and every other city in the breadth and corner of Hindustan with total devotion to all the people who lived in those cities and villages.

Every Hindu, Moslem, Budhist, religious and non religious man, woman, child should be cared for by a Moslem befitting his religious obligation commanded to him by the One Almighty Creator of all Humanity. Moslems should have said, “hey thanks Mr Jinnah and Sir Iqbal. But we are prepared to taste martyrdom for the defense of our cities and its diversities. Every child is ours to protect. Every inch of land is ours to defend. Every religion is ours to color. We are not leaving that which our forefathers built by their blood.”

Had the Moslems stood up for her Hindustan, every man, woman and child would have stood by her side also. Don’t believe me? Look up the War of Independence 1857 under Bahadur Shah Zafar. Look up the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers. Also, don’t forget to search upon the great Subhash Chandra Bose and the Indian National Army. You will see what I mean when I say that it was always Natural for Hindus and Muslims to be united. It was this forceful separation which was “un-natural” for the people and the wonderful land of Hindustan.

Allow me to expose the blunders of Jinnah and Iqbal. In undivided Hindustan, United Bengal today would have had a population of 220 million making Bengal, as it always was, the single largest legislative assembly, with the highest number of representatives to the Central Legislature in Delhi. Punjab and Maharashtra would be second and third. With the support of other states, especially Punjab, the ruler of Hindustan would have alternated between a Muslim from Dhaka or Calcutta, a Muslim or a Sikh from Punjab, a Muslim or a Hindu from Maharashtra. The chances of a Muslim ruler for undivided Hindustan would have been 60% – 70%. The British colonialists were smart cookies. They invented the Westminister Parliamentary system and they could figure out what was coming if United Hindustan became truly independent. India would once again climbed its way back to be the most important country in the world, in every possible sense! Under Mughals, India controlled 25% of world GDP. A feat recently matched only by the US. With a Muslim ruler, Undivided Hindustan would become the pre-eminent Muslim country and Muslim superpower in the world, the like of which the world had never seen before thanks to the educated Scientists and Educationists in India.

How to stop Muslims from obtaining superpower status? Push them out of Delhi and Calcutta, of-course. Pushing the Muslims away from their political, cultural and spiritual seats of Delhi and Calcutta was un-imaginable in the last 1000 years. But it became a reality in less than 10 (since the Lahore Resolution) thanks to the cunning lawyers and poets.

The partition of India followed by the Partition of Pakistan came after costly prices had to be paid in blood by Muslims for remaining “ignorant” and “stagnant” with regard to the universal, humanistic and transcending principles of Islam….

Shahidul Alam on Al-Jazeera

5 minutes. That was how long the distinguished photographer had spoken on his Skype interview. It was enough time to summarize the on-going student protests in the city. One would expect such spot on, precise and honest opinion from a Cambridge graduate and a well known personality, especially for the man’s outspoken stand for liberalism.

First of all, the Dhaka protests are more than about safer roads. The agitated students, and the hidden masses behind them, have come into the open to show their anger, coming from deep inside peoples’ hearts, at the ruling strongmen.

Only few weeks ago Dhaka University students championed the cause of equal opportunity under the banner of “No Quota” movement. They were assured that the “Quota” system would be terminated. Within a month the brutal (and bloody) ending of the movement created resentment, fear, frustration and desire to “get back” at the establishment. Moreover,  “promises” made and promises broken went a long way to discredit the trustworthiness of the political elites. No more relying on fake promises.

A government must have the mandate of the people to run the state machinery effectively. Brut force can provide only so much as pain relief but never will the “use of force” be enough, ever, when it comes to long term sustainability and credibility amongst the people. Special circumstances not withstanding.

Finally, the dust under the carpet is coming out. The country’s fairy tale story of the “economic” miracle and the “flood” of development is like that boring drama being aired every hour on TV for 360 days for 10 straight years. Please stop that nonsense “ministry of truth”.

The development story looks good on paper but not so for the working classes, the tax payers and the voters, for them its longer hours, less purchasing power and increasing privatization of education and healthcare.

Current account and trade deficit are at all time highs. Non performing Loans have broken all previous records. Currency facing pressure for depreciation against the USD, 150,000 tons (not Kgs, TONS!) of coal missing from power station, gold in the central bank found adulterated, drug abuse going out of control, and the list goes on. To top it all, the country’s level of corruption has remained not far behind in remaining amongst the worst possible in the world.

So, yes, the people are frustrated, as rightly pointed out by Mr Alam in his short talk. But why should that endanger him?

#Wewantjustice #Dhakaprotests






Dhaka Youth Protests

You Rock! Hats off to you guys in Dhaka for standing up to the “system”. You are doing much more than street protests, you are changing the mindset of the whole society. I just hope you realize what potential you have stored within yourselves.

In Bangladesh the vicious cycle has been spinning for decades. Since the country’s independence in 71, it has been run by incompetent, inefficient, dishonest, corrupted administrators from the top to bottom. Exceptions can be found I’m sure, but they are “exceptions” not the rule.

Lets take traffic safety for example. Is there any way to expose the hidden alliance between the business owners and the traffic police? People know what goes on behind the scenes. They, the corrupted ones, think of everyone else as stupid, well let them. It is well known amongst common folks that transport owners have shareholding partnership with police officers or with civil servants. Through this dodgy connection, business thrives without having proper licenses and permits. Those who know transport owners will verify this claim easily.

Too many innocent people died already on the roads of Dhaka and other parts of the country. The blame is squarely on the transporters, traffic authorities and police officers. They all failed to do their jobs.

Seeing you guys on the roads brings courage in the hearts of those who keep suffering under the dark cloud of a corrupt system that seems to have engulfed the entire nation and its working generations till now. Young people hold the golden key of the future. You know what needs to be done, it is to be assertive about your rights. You are citizens of the state and these politicians and civil servants always depend on the taxes and votes that we people give to them with which they bully us after stealing from us.

Dhaka’s Youth are waking up and this is the best sign for the future of this beautiful country. All the best…



How Islam Challenges Traditions and Established Religions

In a world where the Nazis and the Communists are being systematically replaced by Arab-Muslim Terrorists, we need to ask the reader to take a step back and ask a few simple questions. Lets start with the Nazis. Were The Nazis Muslims or Christians (or Catholics)? What about the Soviets, or take any communist for that matter, which faith did they belong to, wasn’t it atheism? What about the soldiers who dropped the nuclear bomb on two residential towns, what faith were they, Protestants, Methodists or Baptists, or Muslims?

For all the genocidal murderers of monumental proportion, their faith was never held accountable for what they did. Never. In the case of Muslims, its always about their faith. Always. I don’t want to fight Hollywood’s justification for doing what they do, but I would like to ask a few questions concerning your beliefs, if you don’t mind. Here is a conversation with a great friend of mine called Bob (real name).

Would you like to become a Muslim?


Why not?

I am happy with my faith, my religion, my culture.

Why do you believe in your religion?

I was raised as a ******** and I believe in my culture and in the Traditions which go back centuries.

You mean to say, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition. We are guided by their footsteps….(Q.43.24)”
That’s fine. I respect traditions and cultures. But what if your forefathers were wrong? What if your forefathers had been misled by their elders. If you could come to the conclusion that you are following a wrong set of traditions, would you still insist on following those same “wrong” traditions?

What do you mean by “wrong” traditions. How can they be wrong? I told you, our traditions go back centuries, indeed generations.

But if the traditions started with the wrong idea then it doesn’t really matter how many centuries they’ve been around for, they’re still wrong.

They cant be wrong. Somebody must have noticed it in these past centuries. We have within our culture and civilizations, scholars, philosophers and thinkers of great repute.

Let me show you how far wrong that assumption is. Surely you heard of India. A land of 1 billion people. It produced some of the world’s best scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and inventors, going back few centuries and millennia. The world of Computer Science is genuinely thankful to brilliant coders and software architects from India. In Philosophy, political science, literature and just about every field of learning and scholarship, Indians have left their footprint. In spite of all their high achievements, the vast majority of Indians worship cows, snakes, monkeys, trees, human reproductive organs and many other stranger things. They believe in 3 million gods. Widows, in classical Hindu law, should be burned with their dead husbands. This ancient culture also believes in “caste” system for its socio-economic organization, which basically splits the society into certain classes which pass from one generation to another – till eternity. The lowest caste (called Dalits) are given the status of “Untouchability”. For centuries, Dalits suffered from this most inhuman form of religious segregation and discrimination that damned the human race of Dalits into hell on earth. Yet, my friend, Indian Hindus stick to this faith, despite all their learning and scientific and economic progress. Why do they believe in it? Because their forefathers trained them to do so, to idol worship since childhood and to accept the caste system and to honor their 3 million gods. With respect to its laws, no matter how inhuman or evil they may be, it was termed as holy.  Do you still want to ground your faith to Tradition of forefathers?

Hang on, not so fast. In our religion, we have our Scripture, which clarified our concepts of Man, God and Universe. They should be following us as bearers of True Light.

What would you do if you were proven wrong about the very basics of your belief?

What do you mean?

The foundation stone of Hindu faith lies in the worshipping of multiple gods. Idols, hand crafted in the shape of hindu gods, which are prayed to. Does idol worshipping and animal worshipping make sense to you? How can idols and animals be accepted as the concept of god?

No. never. You need first to have the correct concept of God and the rest builds on top of that. I agree with you.

Then, will you also agree that there cant be more than One God, the Creator of the Universe? ne God, One Sovereign, One Owner of everything in the UNIVERSE.

Yes I agree.

Do you also agree that GOD is ALL POWERFUL, ALL WISE, HE answers to none, but everyone answers to HIM? He is not Dependent but everything is Dependent on HIm?

Yes absolutely. He is ALL POWERFUL.

Do you also agree that He can never share His Powers with anyone. If HE did then the other god would also be a God and its impossible to have more than One God?

Absolutely. Only One God. If there was a second, then all the other assumptions would fail, I understand that.

Will you also agree with me that God cant have parents?

Yes, otherwise He is also a Created Being and that cant be because GOD should be EVER LIVING and EVER PRESENT.

Ok, then will you agree with me that God cant have children either? Otherwise the concept of Sole Sovereignty would fail?


God cant have a son.


Because the son would be god too, the son-god, he should be ALL POWERFUL and SOLE SOVEREIGN of the Universe as a god should be. If that happens, wouldn’t the world, as know it, collapse?

(silence)….. hmmm.

If the son-god is dependent on father-god, then the concept of GOD further weakens and shrinks to meaninglessness.


God has no parents, so how can He have children?


If the son-god can be sacrificed like a lamb, then it is not an ALL POWERFUL god. If the son-god dies, then again the son-god is not an EVER LIVING, EVER PRESENT god.


Why does Belief need to be complex? We already agreed on the concept of God. All we need to do now, is check if the Traditions we follow support the concept of God or not.

Yes. But I think I know where you’re going with this. Although I agreed with you, but I don’t think I will accept your offer to change my religion.

Even if I show you a belief system that meets the conditions of the correct concept of God?

Yes, I think so.


I cant betray my family, my community, my society, my country. I like following the traditions I am familiar with. I grew up with these teachings and I am comfortable believing them, practicing them. I don’t want to convert to Islam.

You are accustomed to your traditions, I understand that. You were raised in a certain cultural setting, which shaped your idea about the world and about God Himself. I understand that too. You live in your comfort zone, I understand that too. But these answers are, as you may appreciate, not very Rational, or logical.

It about my emotions, feelings, sentiments and basically its about loving something and holding on to that. Its not about logic or science.

Fair enough. Its about emotions. Its about the Heart. I’ll give that to you. But what about your mind? You cant walk away from your mind just like that. The question “are you overlooking the correct faith?” will keep coming back to ask you for answers. Don’t you see, why so many people have chosen unfaith (atheism) over belief in God in the last few centuries? Don’t you see the number of atheists growing each year? Don’t you see how Big Finance has slowly taken control of our societies and in some cases, entire countries? Don’t you see what’s going on around the world – how thousands have been killed “in your name”? Its simply not good enough to sit back and say ” We saw our forefathers following this tradition…(Q.43.24)”. You will have to do better than that! try to reconcile your heart and mind over all these questions. I didn’t ask you to convert. No. But I do ask you to Reason with yourself. Cover your emotions, at least for a short while. Think. Take the challenge….

“…… Whenever we sent a Messenger before you (Muhammad) to warn a township, the corrupted by wealth said, in the same way, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition, we are only following in their footsteps. (Q.43.24)”

Broken Wings Indo-Pak-Bangla 1947-71

Today, after many years have passed, I have nothing left out of that beautiful dream except painful memories flapping like invisible wings around me, filling the depths of my heart with sorrow, and bringing tears to my eyes; and my beloved, beautiful Selma, is dead and nothing is left to commemorate her except my broken heart and tomb surrounded by cypress trees. That tomb and this heart are all that is left to bear witness of Selma.

The silence that guards the tomb does not reveal God’s secret in the obscurity of the coffin, and the rustling of the branches whose roots suck the body’s elements do not tell the mysteries of the grave, by the agonized sighs of my heart announce to the living the drama which love, beauty, and death have performed.

Oh, friends of my youth who are scattered in the city of Beirut, when you pass by the cemetery near the pine forest, enter it silently and walk slowly so the tramping of your feet will not disturb the slumber of the dead, and stop humbly by Selma’s tomb and greet the earth that encloses her corpse and mention my name with deep sigh and say to yourself, “here, all the hopes of Gibran, who is living as prisoner of love beyond the seas, were buried. On this spot he lost his happiness, drained his tears, and forgot his smile.”

Ay that tomb grows Gibran’s sorrow together with the cypress trees, and above the tomb his spirit flickers every night commemorating Selma, joining the branches of the trees in sorrowful wailing, mourning and lamenting the going of Selma, who, yesterday was a beautiful tune on the lips of life and today is a silent secret in the bosom of the earth.

Oh, comrades of my youth! I appeal to you in the names of those virgins whom your hearts have loved, to lay a wreath of flowers on the forsaken tomb of my beloved, for the flowers you lay on Selma’s tomb are like falling drops of dew for the eyes of dawn on the leaves of withering rose. (Khalil Gibran, Broken Wings).

I belong to the race that ranges from the Indus in the West to the Karnaphully in the East. I am South Asian. The history of my people is rather a sad one, images of blood, bodies, dishonor and many horrors I feel ashamed to pen down here flash immediately. This is how court historians painted our minds. The colors are thick and deep, looking nearly impossible to remove from the canvas of our minds. We have been forced to believe that we fought to liberate our wings so that the bird of freedom could fly high. We blamed the other wing for whatever went wrong. The blame game just repeats year after year. What does it matter, I ask, if I blame my right hand or left hand for my crimes? We killed ourselves, we humiliated ourselves, and now we blame ourselves for what we did to ourselves with our own hands. What could be more pathetic than this ridiculous suggestion for our future generations as a way to know their history.

In Khalil Gibran’s classic, Broken Wings, he paints a picture of a lovely woman Selma, a prisoner of priests and rulers due to her circumstances. Selma is the poet’s metaphor for our beloved country, as is the Indian sub-continent for perhaps almost a billion people. The murderous campaigns of death committed upon Selma of Hindustan in the last one hundred years scream in silence beneath the smoke of nationalism, socialism and other isms crafted by the priests and rulers, local and foreign.

1905 Dhaka, birthplace of the Muslim League, the party founded by British loyalist Sir Agha Khan to act as a “bridge” between Muslim community and the British imperialists. Did Selma know that this was the beginning of the Priest-Politician syndicate? Selma’s lover (read common people) was fooled by the slogans and the Royal certifications and peerage given to him by his slave master – the British Royalty. The lover was dumb enough to believe that the founding fathers of the Muslim League were really looking after the Muslim community’s interest, as opposed to the British Royal imperial interests.

British loyalists told the lover to separate Selma from her family (Hindustan) for good. Why? Because her family disallowed eating Beef amongst other things. Leaving the family, the lover was told, would be in the best interest of Selma and would ensure a bright future for her, Selma would get her Freedom, her right to self determination, and it was for Selma to make that happen by abandoning her past, that is, a very long past.

Selma separated. Left a 1000 year inheritance behind. Left her people, her admirers, her protectors, her jewels, her fortresses, her monuments, her history, her culture, her Taj Mahal, because her lover believed this was exactly what was needed for Selma for her happiness. Her screams got louder yet only her tears heard them, her eyes looked back at what she was leaving behind, the legacy of her family built on the sacrifices over a thousand years, all vanishing before her. No worries, the priest-ruler syndicate reminded, we will build hundreds of Taj Mahals, bigger and shinier than the old junk left behind.

Selma gained independence granted to her by the imperial masters (read owners) at the price of cutting herself into two. She did that. So did her lover. Two Selmas and two lovers. Hearts of lovers must be jealous hearts. Each wing wanted Selma all for itself. Once again, Selma was told, by the priest-ruler club to cut her wings into another two. Only one lover could have Selma all for himself. The other had to die. This was in Selma’s best interest, she was quickly reminded, again. So it was, just as planned, by the priest-ruler camp, Selma was cut into two. One lover died. But this time, so did Selma. Selma died out of grief. The dagger that killed Selma was made with the steel of pain, sharp as her spirit’s screams and pointed like her tear drops.

The lover that survived manages still to live with the memory of beautiful Selma. He built a mural in her honor, drops roses in her name and visits her tomb annually singing praises and hymns about Selma’s virtue, eminence and elegance.

The question that Khalil Gibran might want to ask his dedicated readers is this.

Who do you think truly loved Selma? Or did she ever have a true love?

A true love in my eyes is one who makes the self sacrifice for his beloved, not the other way round. The priest-ruler class loved Selma for their own selves, for their own self centric ambitions. True lover of Selma would have gladly sacrificed his desires to keep Selma spiritually together, to not cut her up into pieces again and again, to protect her history, her honor, her culture, her legacy, her smiles, her happiness and to ultimately protect Selma’s family and her people. That would have been true love for Selma, to fight for her, to remove the iron chains from her neck, and if necessary to offer Selma the lover’s ultimate sacrifice.

The legacy of blood in the Indo-Pak-Bangla sub-con reminds us of our history of betrayal by the priest-ruler classes, over and over again.

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