My Imam

Monday night not known for much excitement. Tonight would be different. About 20 people attending my daughter’s birthday party. Sitting in the living room having a serious conversation on how to solve global problems. Especially those relating to war and peace in the Arab world. Towards the end of the evening, a topic hits us like a jolt.

The remark from my brother that flew and hit me sharp in the head was this, “the world in the near future will not need any concept of God. It was required in the past. Humans gave him definition and meaning and it was required for the primitive society. But now with the advancement of science and technology, we no longer need to define or even believe in God anymore”.

The future as I see it belongs to the Corporate. That future has already arrived to a great extent. The One World government of Star Trek and almost every other SciFi movie attempts to paint that picture in our minds preparing us for the society waiting in the wings. In the One World society, what need would there be of God? The Board of Governors of the World Assembly would have very credible evidences to prove how religious differences caused the deaths of millions of young men and women. Heck, look at Yemen, Gaza, Aleppo, Kashmir, just to name a few place witnessing 21st century massacre due to their religious differences. It would make sense to rid the people of doctrines that promise to spill the blood of their children. Or would it?

Lets take a step back. I don’t want war. Don’t want to send my precious children to fight for stupid people whose ambitions swirl around their ego and greed. I also happen to understand how these “strongmen” will use the religious clergy to give their hidden ambitions a sacred color making their entry into the hearts of young idealists comfortable. Its always our loos, their big fat gain. Let them go to hell in the company of their zealots. Not falling for that balognese.

Without God, would the world really be a better place? Mankind would be risking its very civilization, its moral fabric, its just laws, its very promise for equality and justice would become a thing up for debate and discussion to be decided upon by a few powerful men of the “World Assembly”.

The poor and powerless nations and ethnicities should not expect to be at the negotiating table demanding for fair and equitable distribution of world resources so that all nations live on equal living standards. Dream all you want baby, its not a world of angels.

We don’t need another definition of God. We don’t need another religion. We could be better off without the “holy” men. How about coming up with a different “thought”?

A thought about how to erase the years of indoctrination of our minds by the preachers. Once we can do that, hopefully, w can come up with another thought, a dynamic and vibrant one that will hold the promise to take us where no one has gone before, to a level from where we can truly appreciate what God wants from His creation.

To my brother, I asked “isn’t it interesting how little we know about the Noble family of our Prophet? Is’nt his family the most revered family in all of Islam?”

Yes of course it is says my brother.

Then why do we know the least about them? We know more than we need to about the corrupt families of our times but we have been blind for centuries about the family which revolutionized the world. Isnt it really SHOCKING for a Muslim? Is there any reason why we should not know about the Noble Ahlul Bayt?

Here is a list of names up to the 5th Imam. More on the Imams and the Ahlul Bayt (Noble House of the Prophet) later on…

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Lady Fatimah (AS) + Imam Ali (AS) – 1st Imam

Imam Hassan (2nd Imam) | Imam Hussein (3rd Imam)

Imam Zaynul Abedin bin Hussein (4th Imam)  Imam Zayd bin Zaynul Abedin (5th Imam  |  Imam Muhammad al Baqer bin Zaynul Abedin (5th Imam also).


May the peace and blessings of ALLAH (SWT) be upon the noble Prophet and upon his pure and noble Family and upon the righteous companions. Amen.















Mein Imame

Auf 28.08 mein grosse Bruder hat Diskussion mit mir.

Weisst du wer sind die Imame?

Nicht wirklich. ist es nicht uberraschend?

Weiss du wer ist Imam Al Ridha? Oder Imam Al Kadhim or Imam Zayd bin Ali?

Wer sind sie Imame? Wie viele sind sie?

Was ist ihre Geschichte?

Warum nennst du sie Imame?

Besten Lohn

Der Sinn des Lebens eines Muslims ist es, dem allmachtigen Gott zu dienen und dies auf genau die Art und Weise, wie es der allmachtige Gott von seinen Geschopfen, von seinen Dienern erwartet.

Durch diesen Gottesdienst mochte der Muslim den besten Lohn erreichen und das ist das Paradies. Uber das Paradies sagt der allmachtige Gott in einem heiligen Hadith:

“Der Prophet, Allahs segen und Heil auf ihm, sagte: Allah, der Allmachtigen und Hocherhabene, sagte:

Ich habe fur Meine rechtschafenen Diener (im Paradies) das vorbereitet, was weder ein Auge sah, noch ein Ohr davon horte, noch als Herzenswunsch eines Menschen vorstellbar war.”

How Islam Challenges Traditions and Established Religions

In a world where the Nazis and the Communists are being systematically replaced by Arab-Muslim Terrorists, we need to ask the reader to take a step back and ask a few simple questions. Lets start with the Nazis. Were The Nazis Muslims or Christians (or Catholics)? What about the Soviets, or take any communist for that matter, which faith did they belong to, wasn’t it atheism? What about the soldiers who dropped the nuclear bomb on two residential towns, what faith were they, Protestants, Methodists or Baptists, or Muslims?

For all the genocidal murderers of monumental proportion, their faith was never held accountable for what they did. Never. In the case of Muslims, its always about their faith. Always. I don’t want to fight Hollywood’s justification for doing what they do, but I would like to ask a few questions concerning your beliefs, if you don’t mind. Here is a conversation with a great friend of mine called Bob (real name).

Would you like to become a Muslim?


Why not?

I am happy with my faith, my religion, my culture.

Why do you believe in your religion?

I was raised as a ******** and I believe in my culture and in the Traditions which go back centuries.

You mean to say, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition. We are guided by their footsteps….(Q.43.24)”
That’s fine. I respect traditions and cultures. But what if your forefathers were wrong? What if your forefathers had been misled by their elders. If you could come to the conclusion that you are following a wrong set of traditions, would you still insist on following those same “wrong” traditions?

What do you mean by “wrong” traditions. How can they be wrong? I told you, our traditions go back centuries, indeed generations.

But if the traditions started with the wrong idea then it doesn’t really matter how many centuries they’ve been around for, they’re still wrong.

They cant be wrong. Somebody must have noticed it in these past centuries. We have within our culture and civilizations, scholars, philosophers and thinkers of great repute.

Let me show you how far wrong that assumption is. Surely you heard of India. A land of 1 billion people. It produced some of the world’s best scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and inventors, going back few centuries and millennia. The world of Computer Science is genuinely thankful to brilliant coders and software architects from India. In Philosophy, political science, literature and just about every field of learning and scholarship, Indians have left their footprint. In spite of all their high achievements, the vast majority of Indians worship cows, snakes, monkeys, trees, human reproductive organs and many other stranger things. They believe in 3 million gods. Widows, in classical Hindu law, should be burned with their dead husbands. This ancient culture also believes in “caste” system for its socio-economic organization, which basically splits the society into certain classes which pass from one generation to another – till eternity. The lowest caste (called Dalits) are given the status of “Untouchability”. For centuries, Dalits suffered from this most inhuman form of religious segregation and discrimination that damned the human race of Dalits into hell on earth. Yet, my friend, Indian Hindus stick to this faith, despite all their learning and scientific and economic progress. Why do they believe in it? Because their forefathers trained them to do so, to idol worship since childhood and to accept the caste system and to honor their 3 million gods. With respect to its laws, no matter how inhuman or evil they may be, it was termed as holy.  Do you still want to ground your faith to Tradition of forefathers?

Hang on, not so fast. In our religion, we have our Scripture, which clarified our concepts of Man, God and Universe. They should be following us as bearers of True Light.

What would you do if you were proven wrong about the very basics of your belief?

What do you mean?

The foundation stone of Hindu faith lies in the worshipping of multiple gods. Idols, hand crafted in the shape of hindu gods, which are prayed to. Does idol worshipping and animal worshipping make sense to you? How can idols and animals be accepted as the concept of god?

No. never. You need first to have the correct concept of God and the rest builds on top of that. I agree with you.

Then, will you also agree that there cant be more than One God, the Creator of the Universe? ne God, One Sovereign, One Owner of everything in the UNIVERSE.

Yes I agree.

Do you also agree that GOD is ALL POWERFUL, ALL WISE, HE answers to none, but everyone answers to HIM? He is not Dependent but everything is Dependent on HIm?

Yes absolutely. He is ALL POWERFUL.

Do you also agree that He can never share His Powers with anyone. If HE did then the other god would also be a God and its impossible to have more than One God?

Absolutely. Only One God. If there was a second, then all the other assumptions would fail, I understand that.

Will you also agree with me that God cant have parents?

Yes, otherwise He is also a Created Being and that cant be because GOD should be EVER LIVING and EVER PRESENT.

Ok, then will you agree with me that God cant have children either? Otherwise the concept of Sole Sovereignty would fail?


God cant have a son.


Because the son would be god too, the son-god, he should be ALL POWERFUL and SOLE SOVEREIGN of the Universe as a god should be. If that happens, wouldn’t the world, as know it, collapse?

(silence)….. hmmm.

If the son-god is dependent on father-god, then the concept of GOD further weakens and shrinks to meaninglessness.


God has no parents, so how can He have children?


If the son-god can be sacrificed like a lamb, then it is not an ALL POWERFUL god. If the son-god dies, then again the son-god is not an EVER LIVING, EVER PRESENT god.


Why does Belief need to be complex? We already agreed on the concept of God. All we need to do now, is check if the Traditions we follow support the concept of God or not.

Yes. But I think I know where you’re going with this. Although I agreed with you, but I don’t think I will accept your offer to change my religion.

Even if I show you a belief system that meets the conditions of the correct concept of God?

Yes, I think so.


I cant betray my family, my community, my society, my country. I like following the traditions I am familiar with. I grew up with these teachings and I am comfortable believing them, practicing them. I don’t want to convert to Islam.

You are accustomed to your traditions, I understand that. You were raised in a certain cultural setting, which shaped your idea about the world and about God Himself. I understand that too. You live in your comfort zone, I understand that too. But these answers are, as you may appreciate, not very Rational, or logical.

It about my emotions, feelings, sentiments and basically its about loving something and holding on to that. Its not about logic or science.

Fair enough. Its about emotions. Its about the Heart. I’ll give that to you. But what about your mind? You cant walk away from your mind just like that. The question “are you overlooking the correct faith?” will keep coming back to ask you for answers. Don’t you see, why so many people have chosen unfaith (atheism) over belief in God in the last few centuries? Don’t you see the number of atheists growing each year? Don’t you see how Big Finance has slowly taken control of our societies and in some cases, entire countries? Don’t you see what’s going on around the world – how thousands have been killed “in your name”? Its simply not good enough to sit back and say ” We saw our forefathers following this tradition…(Q.43.24)”. You will have to do better than that! try to reconcile your heart and mind over all these questions. I didn’t ask you to convert. No. But I do ask you to Reason with yourself. Cover your emotions, at least for a short while. Think. Take the challenge….

“…… Whenever we sent a Messenger before you (Muhammad) to warn a township, the corrupted by wealth said, in the same way, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition, we are only following in their footsteps. (Q.43.24)”