How Islam Challenges Traditions and Established Religions

In a world where the Nazis and the Communists are being systematically replaced by Arab-Muslim Terrorists, we need to ask the reader to take a step back and ask a few simple questions. Lets start with the Nazis. Were The Nazis Muslims or Christians (or Catholics)? What about the Soviets, or take any communist for that matter, which faith did they belong to, wasn’t it atheism? What about the soldiers who dropped the nuclear bomb on two residential towns, what faith were they, Protestants, Methodists or Baptists, or Muslims?

For all the genocidal murderers of monumental proportion, their faith was never held accountable for what they did. Never. In the case of Muslims, its always about their faith. Always. I don’t want to fight Hollywood’s justification for doing what they do, but I would like to ask a few questions concerning your beliefs, if you don’t mind. Here is a conversation with a great friend of mine called Bob (real name).

Would you like to become a Muslim?


Why not?

I am happy with my faith, my religion, my culture.

Why do you believe in your religion?

I was raised as a ******** and I believe in my culture and in the Traditions which go back centuries.

You mean to say, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition. We are guided by their footsteps….(Q.43.24)”
That’s fine. I respect traditions and cultures. But what if your forefathers were wrong? What if your forefathers had been misled by their elders. If you could come to the conclusion that you are following a wrong set of traditions, would you still insist on following those same “wrong” traditions?

What do you mean by “wrong” traditions. How can they be wrong? I told you, our traditions go back centuries, indeed generations.

But if the traditions started with the wrong idea then it doesn’t really matter how many centuries they’ve been around for, they’re still wrong.

They cant be wrong. Somebody must have noticed it in these past centuries. We have within our culture and civilizations, scholars, philosophers and thinkers of great repute.

Let me show you how far wrong that assumption is. Surely you heard of India. A land of 1 billion people. It produced some of the world’s best scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and inventors, going back few centuries and millennia. The world of Computer Science is genuinely thankful to brilliant coders and software architects from India. In Philosophy, political science, literature and just about every field of learning and scholarship, Indians have left their footprint. In spite of all their high achievements, the vast majority of Indians worship cows, snakes, monkeys, trees, human reproductive organs and many other stranger things. They believe in 3 million gods. Widows, in classical Hindu law, should be burned with their dead husbands. This ancient culture also believes in “caste” system for its socio-economic organization, which basically splits the society into certain classes which pass from one generation to another – till eternity. The lowest caste (called Dalits) are given the status of “Untouchability”. For centuries, Dalits suffered from this most inhuman form of religious segregation and discrimination that damned the human race of Dalits into hell on earth. Yet, my friend, Indian Hindus stick to this faith, despite all their learning and scientific and economic progress. Why do they believe in it? Because their forefathers trained them to do so, to idol worship since childhood and to accept the caste system and to honor their 3 million gods. With respect to its laws, no matter how inhuman or evil they may be, it was termed as holy.  Do you still want to ground your faith to Tradition of forefathers?

Hang on, not so fast. In our religion, we have our Scripture, which clarified our concepts of Man, God and Universe. They should be following us as bearers of True Light.

What would you do if you were proven wrong about the very basics of your belief?

What do you mean?

The foundation stone of Hindu faith lies in the worshipping of multiple gods. Idols, hand crafted in the shape of hindu gods, which are prayed to. Does idol worshipping and animal worshipping make sense to you? How can idols and animals be accepted as the concept of god?

No. never. You need first to have the correct concept of God and the rest builds on top of that. I agree with you.

Then, will you also agree that there cant be more than One God, the Creator of the Universe? ne God, One Sovereign, One Owner of everything in the UNIVERSE.

Yes I agree.

Do you also agree that GOD is ALL POWERFUL, ALL WISE, HE answers to none, but everyone answers to HIM? He is not Dependent but everything is Dependent on HIm?

Yes absolutely. He is ALL POWERFUL.

Do you also agree that He can never share His Powers with anyone. If HE did then the other god would also be a God and its impossible to have more than One God?

Absolutely. Only One God. If there was a second, then all the other assumptions would fail, I understand that.

Will you also agree with me that God cant have parents?

Yes, otherwise He is also a Created Being and that cant be because GOD should be EVER LIVING and EVER PRESENT.

Ok, then will you agree with me that God cant have children either? Otherwise the concept of Sole Sovereignty would fail?


God cant have a son.


Because the son would be god too, the son-god, he should be ALL POWERFUL and SOLE SOVEREIGN of the Universe as a god should be. If that happens, wouldn’t the world, as know it, collapse?

(silence)….. hmmm.

If the son-god is dependent on father-god, then the concept of GOD further weakens and shrinks to meaninglessness.


God has no parents, so how can He have children?


If the son-god can be sacrificed like a lamb, then it is not an ALL POWERFUL god. If the son-god dies, then again the son-god is not an EVER LIVING, EVER PRESENT god.


Why does Belief need to be complex? We already agreed on the concept of God. All we need to do now, is check if the Traditions we follow support the concept of God or not.

Yes. But I think I know where you’re going with this. Although I agreed with you, but I don’t think I will accept your offer to change my religion.

Even if I show you a belief system that meets the conditions of the correct concept of God?

Yes, I think so.


I cant betray my family, my community, my society, my country. I like following the traditions I am familiar with. I grew up with these teachings and I am comfortable believing them, practicing them. I don’t want to convert to Islam.

You are accustomed to your traditions, I understand that. You were raised in a certain cultural setting, which shaped your idea about the world and about God Himself. I understand that too. You live in your comfort zone, I understand that too. But these answers are, as you may appreciate, not very Rational, or logical.

It about my emotions, feelings, sentiments and basically its about loving something and holding on to that. Its not about logic or science.

Fair enough. Its about emotions. Its about the Heart. I’ll give that to you. But what about your mind? You cant walk away from your mind just like that. The question “are you overlooking the correct faith?” will keep coming back to ask you for answers. Don’t you see, why so many people have chosen unfaith (atheism) over belief in God in the last few centuries? Don’t you see the number of atheists growing each year? Don’t you see how Big Finance has slowly taken control of our societies and in some cases, entire countries? Don’t you see what’s going on around the world – how thousands have been killed “in your name”? Its simply not good enough to sit back and say ” We saw our forefathers following this tradition…(Q.43.24)”. You will have to do better than that! try to reconcile your heart and mind over all these questions. I didn’t ask you to convert. No. But I do ask you to Reason with yourself. Cover your emotions, at least for a short while. Think. Take the challenge….

“…… Whenever we sent a Messenger before you (Muhammad) to warn a township, the corrupted by wealth said, in the same way, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition, we are only following in their footsteps. (Q.43.24)”

Is Mesut Ozil Shia or Sunni Muslim?

Muslim world and its leading Ulama should take responsibility for committing a grave crime against God and Humanity. Sectarianism, lets break this down to its pieces. We had lunch yesterday on 6th Avenue with my friends from Yemen. We sat at the newly opened Persian restaurant owned by Mr Hosseini. Besides good food, we Muslims specially like that it serves Halal meat.

We just came out of the small faith room situated right next to the eatery. Its called Ondine, a strange name for a college dormitory, the favorite for foreign students for its room rates. In the faith room, I could recall during lunch, we hardly noticed the different styles of performing the Muslim prayer. Some had their hands to the side, some above the belly, some on the chest and some just below the chest.

Here comes Mr Hosseini with the dish of the town, Persian pulao rice cooked with saffron and pistachio, fragrant, mild, dreamy shades of smoke rising from the neatly placed Basmati. Interestingly, he is the only person in the entire joint. He does everything with such admirable efficiency, cooking, cleaning, serving, washing, and cleaning again.

Going back to the prayer hall. Did it really matter how each of us folded our hands that much when the most important acts of prayer, for all of us, as in bowing and prostrating, was exactly the same. At the restaurant, we have something common between all of us, Mr Hosseini included, we eat Halal food. What does it matter what name we give to the dish, its still halal and that is what really counts, the essential, not the externalities.

Muslim Ulama need to point out the fact that any kind of division, schism, sectarianism, racism, supremacism (and other such things) are not only disliked but they are indeed HARAM. Here is my evidence.

“….Uphold the Faith and Do NOT DIVIDE into factions within it” (Q.42.13)

Dear Reader, sweet reader, please open your heart and see from the inner sight that God has blessed you with. Above Holy Verse from surah no 42 of the Majestic Quran al Kareem is a simple and direct command, not at all complicated. Is it not binding upon the Believers to Not violate the basic commands of God?

Suppose you just got hired at your dream company for which you had prepared yourself for years, going to college, grad school, internship, research, publications, hard hitting interviews, tests, medical exams, criminal check, and then finally you get the job. You are about to sign the contract, the owner looks at you and tells you very clearly, “Do Not make divisions and groups in the company” before you cheerfully signed and handed back the contract. Welcome aboard, partner!

The next moment you start plotting how to create a division in the company so that your group’s interest can be best forwarded to the senior management. You form a group, in violation of the contract you just signed, and quite obviously betraying the man who hired you in the first place, the owner of the company. What should the company management do with you? Should you be corrected or rewarded?

Treacherous actions get rewards only as much as their stab in the back can get them which should not amount to much respect from the self or outside. Enduring admiration has often found a humble, kind, honest, hard working individual who remains thankful for the little and big rewards of life. Indeed, life itself is the single greatest reward for any human being.

I cant imagine why it might be any different in God’s universe. He created everything, you and me, black man, white man, China man, Danish, Nigerian, German what have you. We are all from Him and we all go back to Him. It does make sense that He would want us to bond together under His Guidance, Protection, Mercy and Forgiveness, and that we all should hold on to each other and NOT BE DIVIDED into this faction and that faction, this sect and that sect.

Ask the Syrian girl, 9 years old why her father was killed, why she couldn’t eat for days. Is it because she was Shia or Sunni or Zaidi or Ismaili or Jew or Christian? For her, what  does it matter, it doesn’t. Millions of little boys and girls like her loose either a father, or a mother, or a brother or a sister due to our actions. We bring down upon ourselves rain of fire, death and tears, lots and lots of innocent tears as we continue to act arrogantly against the Divine command of God. Our vision shortened by our racist shades and our hearts covered with iron masks of sectarianism and our ears dumbed by the music of deathly winds.

Mesut Ozil might be Sunni just as much as he might be shia. It doesn’t matter. What matters are two things. He was devastated by the racist treatment in his national team. It should have not boiled down to this in a country which leads the EU in promoting integration, and has taken in millions of refugees from the Muslim world. But Mesut’s hurt is of greater importance because it has a special kind of bonding with the hearts of millions of people (at least 31 million fb  followers) who looked up to him as the success story of a Muslim boy in Germany from Turkish background.

The second most important matter is that he has fans from all religions. His fame pushed him also to be a role model for the youth. He was a symbol of hope and motivation for millions of young men who may feel the need to be identified with someone as great as Mesut was when he was in the National team. Also, for these millions of youth, it doesn’t matter if Mesut tilted towards shia or sunni beliefs. Not only does it not matter but it is totally irrelevant.














Harry Potter in Godric’s Hollow

My daughter asked me to read something to her. So I borrowed my little sister’s book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Kids like magic and fantasy stories, so why not read this famous children’s book to my little sweetheart. After the first chapter, I felt there was something wrong in it. Although my baby fell asleep but I simply couldn’t out the book down. JK Rowling had cast a reading charm on me it seemed. Next few weeks my girl saw less of me reading to her and more of reading for myself silently until I got all seven books completed.

The story begins with an orphan, whose parents have just been murdered in their very home in God-ric’s Hollow. Its not a mystery novel because that’s not how its presented. The identity of the murderer is not at all relevant but the thought behind the man is what really matters. All through out JK Rowling has the reader thinking about the purpose and motive behind this double murder. Why kill the Potter family?

Let me talk about my girl again. HP’s author is asking an 11 year old to walk into the mind of a “murderer”. What could my daughter say, “dad, tell me, why did you-know-who murder Harry’s parents? what was their fault? Why does he want to kill Harry so badly?” It makes me wonder, since when do children’s books target the lives and works of murderers and serial killers?

The murder scene at Godric’s Hollow is central to all the 7 books. Again and again we are reminded how the Dark Lord kills James and then moves towards HP. Lily pleads for Harry’s life. Move away you silly girl…as if to say “I just want the boy, not you, so just step aside”. Lily is murdered. Voldemort approaches Harry and wham. The Dark Lord falls. Harry rises.
Because the sacrifice of Lily was supremely cast in blood, being the purest form of miracle, it was stronger than anything any Dark power could ever muster. It was the power of pure love from a “Mugblood” that destroyed Voldemort when he was at the very top invincible, undefeatable, all powerful. It was SACRIFICE that brought the Dark Lord down to his knees. In Islam its called Shahadat, martyrdom.

Godric Hollow, James and Lily’s home town, was also the birth place of Godric Gryfindor, the Lion. Tom Riddle on the other hand is a descendent of Slazar Slytherin, the Snake. Godric, Slytheirn, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff founded Hogwarts. The Lion and the Snake were always at odds at almost everything, including Quidditch. Hogwarts was setup 1000 year ago. James and Lily died in 1981, so the school’s founding date must be around 1000 CE. Interesting, that was the time of the Crusades. It is well known that the European crusaders came into contact with an advanced Islamic civilization in Jerusalem (Al-Quds). One of the interesting areas where Arabs claimed world leadership was in their knowledge of Sciences like Physics, Biology, Medicine, Astrology, Mathematics and ofcourse – Chemistry (which they called Al-Kemia).

A particular branch of Al-Kemia dealt with transmutation, that is the study or research of how to turn lead into gold. Alchemy as it turns out had two aspects, physical and spiritual. The spiritual alchemy desired to transform ordinary men into purified souls. In Islamic terminology its called Tazakkah, to purify. The one who is purified is the one who is successful and is the one who will be accepted and received by the Lord of the Universe. Purification of the soul disregards obstacles such as blood, color, language, race, identity or any other prejudices.

The Knights Templars brought back with them newly found treasures from Jerusalem at the end of their missions. Some of those treasures were ancient books, wisdom, science and technology and ofcourse philosophy. It may just be a wild guess, but God-ric Gryfindor might have been a Templar who brought back the sword from the Arabs alongwith the ideological knowledge of Alkemia. Slytherin must have not liked very much to see his race loose power to half bloods and Mugbloods. For the preservation of his race he went the other way, over to the Dark side. This ideological conflict must have carried on down to the present age when Harry and Voldemort face off just like Dumbledore and Grindelwald did earlier.

Lets come back to Godric’s Hollow. This is where the story begins for this age, with roots that go back more than the crusades, even before the time of Christ (PBUH). It goes back to the Pharaos, especially to one known as Akhenaton, the first monotheist Pharaoh of Egypt. They say, Alchemy started here in Egypt. I don’t doubt that because Egypt (Misr actually) being the birthplace of civilization should have had world religious influence as well. The very idea of resurrection, return to God and submission to God’s will captures the essence of God-ric Hollow if seen through the Alchemist’s eyes. I that room, Lily represents Light, Life, Faith and Goodness while Voldemort brings the face of ego, envy, greed and hate. This war between the two sides started back in Eden and haunts us this very moment. How we respond to it, the choices we make, define us and our souls.

Why do they convert to Islam

My mother comes from a Hindu Brahmin family. She changed her religion when she married my father. Why did it not happen the other way round? Although dad died 18 years ago mother did not switch back to Brahminism. I could think of few friends who had converted to Islam in the US and the UK. I find it quite strange that at a time when Muslims are on the receiving end in just about every corner of the world, citizens of the most advanced nations on this planet are getting attracted to switch over to Islam. What is the secret behind this attraction? How would I view Islam if I were a non Muslim?

If I were a non Muslim, my first impression of Muslims would be a critical assessment and here is why. A lot of Muslim immigrants find shelter in the west away from the murderous dictators back in their police states. Unfortunately, immigrant Muslims look at the land of refuge with hate. Contradictions in personality are difficult to hide, no matter how hard one tries to fake it, it simply shows up in minor details in body language, behaviors and overall attitude towards others. For instance, Jews like Muslims also harbor some attitude towards their host communities. Migrant jews may be credited for this phenomenon which does not earn much praise. Here is small comparison between these two communities from the eyes of a non Muslim non Jew observer:

Jewish community is probably more rigid in segregation than Muslims. For instance, the idea of sticking close to ones own religious community is more serious amongst Jews than in Muslims. Isolating children from the greater society also is stronger in Jewsih residential areas, with special emphasis on their particular community style education. Add to that the ideological training given to kids to dominate society by the accumulation of wealth, education and power, as a regular curriculum. It should be no surprise that the most influential persons in the west are of jewish origin. Their most preferred trade is ofcourse interest based banking. Jews over thousands of years mastered the art of interest-usury game more than any other community in the world. Its the signature profession of the jewish community.

Jewish schools do not teach Christianity. They say that an imposter by the name of Saul of Tarsus made up the doctrines of Christianity by giving divine attributes to Jesus Christ, therefore they see no reason to learn a religion based on fake premises. It seems that Jews do not have respect (let alone acceptance) for Jesus Christ, Yahya, and the disciples and helpers of Christ.

On the other hand, I see that the Christian community looks at Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) somewhat detached from the continuity of the Abrahamic faith. I don’t understand why they do this or more importantly how they manage to get away with this. Revelation, Prophethood, Day of Judgement, Resurrection, Heaven, Hell, Forgiveness, Mercy, Love, Compassion, Struggle, Kingdom of G-d, they are all rooted in the Abrahamic monotheistic religion. Islam just happens to be the last in this line and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the last of the long line of prophets.

From the family of Abraham comes the family of Ismael and Isac, from Isac comes Jacob and from Jacob (also known as Israil) comes the twelve tribes of Israil. Prophets Joseph, Moses, John, Jesus, and Mu
hammad (Peace Be Upon All of Them) are part of the same line of prophethood, revelation, and divine help. To reject the revelation given to Christ is same as rejecting the revelation given to Moses or Muhammad (PeaceBeUponThemAll). To reject the sacred Injeel (Bible) would be the same as rejecting the Holy Torah or the Majestic Quraan. To reject one is like rejecting all others as well, similarly, accepting one is like accepting all others as well.

However, established religious institutions don’t want to think like that. As a result of this, Judaism ends with Moses, Christianity ends with Jesus Christ, whereas Islam seems to say something completely different than the first two.

Muslims say that firstly Islam is not the name of a religion as understood in the west. Islam is a way of life which has in it spirituality, economics, politics, law, society, education, healthcare and all other branches of human life that together make us civilized. It wants its followers to make rational understanding of religion, G-d and Prophethood in such a way that human life gets directed to the natural path which satisfies both the heart and the mind so that life of human beings can be regulated in the material as well as the spiritual world. The result of this simplistic concept is that it appeals to the poor farmer in a rice field in Bangladesh just as it makes an impact on the Chairman of a corporation in USA. There is no complicated concept of one in three or three in one, divinity versus human form, or original sin versus redemption of man. Islam is all about simplicity. This is where it seems to differ most with all other world faiths.

In Islam, a Muslim does not need to please any priest to enter Jannah (heaven). One does not have to be a millionaire to be worthy to his family´s love. A medical doctor or a school teacher or a street cleaner, all are equal in honor and dignity. Muslims pray shoulder to shoulder with other Muslims regardless of their social and racial diversities five times a day, bowing and prostrating before G-D as a mark of their submission to the Most Powerful.

Anybody can become a Muslim. Rich, poor, white, black, tall, short, whatever the mix may be, it doesn’t matter in Islam because the best of man is the one who has the awareness of G-d in him. Muslims call it TAQWA. Man with TAQWA is the successful man. His reward will be decided by the Most Merciful. Such a man will place his hope for the permanent good life in the Hereafter over the temporary good life of this world. This simplicity based worldview is an anti-depressant for many people whose lives have become victims of a materialistic greed filled rat race in the world of corporate shareholder value creation mania. its the type of world that turns a spiritual being into a simple material being which exists only for the pursuit of happiness, forgetting such concepts as morality, ethics, righteousness, God-consciousness and spiritual piety. Islam´s concept of Taqwa provides a meaningful solution out of this dark side.

For someone who comes from Christian or Jewish background Islamic belief system should be no surprise. The Majestic Quraan is the word of G-d just like Torah and the Injeel (Bible). prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a prophet, so were prophets Noah, Abraham, Isac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, John, and others, peace be upon them all. Its the same family tree having one simple mission, to guide mankind towards goodness.

For Hindus, Budhists and other faiths, Islam offers a way out of their complicated race driven in-human caste and class system. For those millions of Hindus who are considered low caste, untouchable, meant to perform only menial garbage cleaning jobs, Islam is their solution to live a life of honor for themselves and for their future generations. A Dalit untouchable Hindu will no longer continue to be a Dalit under Islam. His children will not be allowed to become victims of racial discrimination by the upper caste. Every human being was created by ALLAH SWT and to HIM we return, no human has the authority to degrade and dehumanize another human. This is a principle faith of Islam and it will not accept any compromise from Hinduism regarding this issue. Brahmins and Budhists also find this quality of Islam as truth from the Divine Creator. Submission to such doctrine is naturally easier than submission to racism.

The secret to Islam I think lies here. It is multi ethnic, multi racial, multi lingual and it appeals to rational thinking. It is simple in its creed, it has its original source safely secured in documentary evidence, and it has its spiritual and material appeals for just about every type of person. My friends who converted to Islam were impressed by its non racial doctrines the most. my mother was most likely convinced by its concepts of equality. For many others there might have been different reasons, which means there exists not one but many secrets in Islam which act as keys to our hearts.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Chosen One

The Majestic Quran tells us something spectacular about the identity of the Last Messenger of God (Peace Be Upon Him). Those to whom We gave the Scripture know him as they know their own sons. But indeed, a party of them conceal the truth while they know (it), TMQ 2:146. Torah and the Injeel foretold believers of older generatio0ns about the coming of the mighty prophet of God. This last Prophet (PBUH) would be like Nabi Musa (AS). As Musa (AS) was victorious over pharaoh, so would the last Messenger (PBUH) be victorious over his enemies. Nabi Musa (AS) had the Holy Law (Shareeah) and so would the last Messenger (PBUH). Nabi Musa (AS) judged between people (crime and punishment matters), so would the last Nabi (PBUH).

The descriptions about the last Messenger are indeed mind boggling. Basically, the Torah is telling the believers that there will be Light after Darkness, there will be victory of justice over the forces of tyranny, there will be peace, real peace, empires and dictators will crumble, it will be the coming of a universal super hero who will fill the world with Justice, Truth, Mercy and Compassion. This chosen one is he who will be spiritual like Nabi Isa (AS), tough like Nabi Musa (AS), Godfearing like Ibraheem (AS), hard working like Nabi Nuh (AS), obedient like Ismail (AS), patient like Ayub (AS), beautiful like Yusuf (AS), persevering like Yunus (AS), courageous like David (AS), strong like Sulaiman (AS) and wise like Luqman (AS).

Those who read and understood the Torah figured it out. Whoever would be in the group of this Nabi will become the ruler of the world, undoubtedly. Bani Isareel´s triibes thus moved to the Arab deserts waiting for the arrival of this last Nabi. Obviously, the Jews were absolutely convinced beyond an iota of any doubt, that the last Chosen One must be from the family of Israeel, as had been the case for thousands of years. Allah SWT had always sent prophet after prophet to the family of Ibraheem, Ishaq and Yaqub. Why would it be any different this time? The Jews forgot something about this whole episode. ALLAH SWT does whatever HE SWT wants, HE SWT does not consult us for His (SWT) actions. We depend on HIM (SWT), HE (SWT) does not depend on us. HE SWT chooses whomever HE SWT wants to be HIS Rasool. Who are we to question God? But the Jews are notorious for questioning everything where the Divine is no exception. Refer to the case of Nabi Musa (AS) and the cow. They questioned the Nabi until they were very close to disobedience and disbelief.

Never the less, Jews knew the return of the mighty prophet-warrior-king was imminent and so they made plans to welcome him to strengthen himself for world domination. Look at what the Torah says about the personality, character and the might of The Chosen One (prophet Muhammad PBUH):

Isaiah 42:1-13 – The chosen one Behold My servant, I will support him, My chosen one, whom My soul desires; I have placed My spirit upon him, he shall promulgate justice to the nations. He shall neither cry nor shall he raise [his voice]; and he shall not make his voice heard outside. A breaking reed he shall not break; and a flickering flaxen wick he shall not quench; with truth shall he execute justice. Neither shall he weaken nor shall he be broken, until he establishes justice in the land, and for his instruction, islands shall long. So said God the Lord, the Creator of the heavens and the One Who stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and what springs forth from it, Who gave a soul to the people upon it and a spirit to those who walk thereon. I am the Lord; I called you with righteousness and I will strengthen your hand; and I formed you, and I made you for a people’s covenant, for a light to nations. To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison. I am the Lord, that is My Name; and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to the graven images. The former things, behold they have come to pass, and the new things I tell; before they sprout I will let you hear. Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise from the end of the earth, those who go down to the sea and those therein, the islands and their inhabitants. The desert and its cities shall raise [their voice]; Kedar shall be inhabited with villages; the rock dwellers shall exult, from the mountain peaks they shall shout. They shall give glory to the Lord, and they shall recite His praise on the islands. The Lord shall go out like a hero; like a warrior shall He arouse zeal; He shall shout, He shall even cry, He shall overpower His foes. – Yeshayahu 42:1-13 –

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Pophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the ocean and we Muslims are in comparison drops of water in it. We are floating superficially on the surface while the depth and vastness  of the ocean remains only a great picture for us. Let us study this magnificent ocean from the lens of one who wants justice in the world, who wants to see the end of poverty, who wants peace and happiness for all. Then we will begin to see the illuminating Noor around our dark world.