Inner Peace

Take care of the heart rest of the body will be fine

Bit more than recitation stuck your throat

Open your hearts’ eyes with doors flung wide open

the Noor, the message of the Holy Quran, let it rest inside for a while.


Allow the cool breeze of the verses

criss cross the recesses of your heart

Let inner peace alight

Bringing upon it light upon light….


Blind love for honesty (one small poem)

in days dark by disbelief and hypocrisy

illumination falls only by a believer

desiring faith, dreaming courage 

blind in love for truth and honesty.


Believers shine you like a diamond

In a field full of coals

hands strengthened by the will of God

Flags search for you lifting up their souls


You fly on the wings of Shaheen

not chained by what you see

A secret in your heart will one day set you free

hoping to join them brave ones at the stream