Zionist WAR Industry Built with Our Tax Payers Money

War is BIG business. The Zionists mastered the art of war business, they bank rolled European wars of Napolean, WWI, WWII, Gulf War I and II, Afghan War, and now they are drawing up plans for WWIII. The rest of the world has been drugged into silence with a gaping mouth. The world watches with astonishment the openly racist, bloody cruel, criminal acts of the Zionists with one eye, reserving all the blame for the victims instead!! The analogy is like this. A woman is dishonored. Police come and start beating up the woman for resisting the holy right of the criminal. The criminal produces a book written by his friends that says he has god given rights to dishonor women and the police must ensure he gets to do that. The woman is beaten and then told to lay up to allow the criminal his entry.

This is pretty much what is going on in Palestine and in many places around the world where there still remains pockets of resistance against the Zionist banksters. Zionists know that only the Muslims have the potential to revolt against their usurious financial system. Only the Muslims can call their bluff built on helenistic philosophies. Only the Muslims seem capable of fighting their colonial dogma with force. No other nation or community in the world can or will resist the world order of interest loving Zionists. According to Washington Post the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost the hard working tax payers 4 trillion USD!! The money spent on bullets could have been spent on medicines for the citizens with enough left for the rest of the world.

Zionists found shelter in Palestine as refugees fleeing from the treatment of Europe. The Ottoman lands were favored above all other lands. Since the Ottomans had lost the war their lands became available for distribution. Now, if you do the math, you will see that the biggest loosers in WWI and WWII were Christians and Muslims. Yes, Muslims were victims as a result of the war that continued on them after their lands were cut into pieces like onions on a chopping board. Zionists gained the most out of the two wars. They got to steal an entire country for themselves, changed the laws of almost all the western countries to treat them exceptionally, which is a form of reverse discrimination, and made the whole world pay for their ambitions through the implementation of their usurious banking system through the inter connected central banks of all the countrie

Muslims are closer to the Christians than the Zionists. The Messiah Jesus Christ (Masih Isa Alihi Salam) is held in very high esteem as a mighty Prophet of Allah SWT by the Muslims. An entire chapter of the Majestic Quraan al Kareem is devoted to the noble mother of Nabi Isa Alihi Salatu wa Salam (Surah Maryam). Muslims take Nabi Isa Alaihi Wa Salam as a Mighty Prophet NOT as the son of Father God. That is the difference between Muslims and Christians. Zionists, actually don’t have any religion. They don’t follow the Tawrah. They don’t think Nabi Isa (Alahi wa Salam) was a prophet. They say really very disparaging things about the Noble Prophet Alahi wa Salam. They have a man made book which is focused on commerce and inheritance laws primarily. Check out their online encyclopedia, they are witnesses to the fact that they are not the people of the Book (Towrah) as commonly misunderstood!! SO, who has more right to be closer to one another in faith?

War is what these people seek. Its big bucks, margins are in 3 or 4 or 5 figures. Just to get an idea consider the fact that a tank costs few dozen million dollars compared to a family car which costs few dozen thousands. HAmburger costs a few dollars in the city but over a few hundred dollars when transported thousands of miles away for a soldier in a desert.

All the infrastructure is destroyed. Bad news for locals, good news for the construction companies, it means more contracts, more money, more profits. Weapon producing companies benefit hugely during the war, construction companies benefit after the war and the politicians gain mileage and leverage from start to finish. War also means more money creation for the banks, fattening their interest (usury) income all the more.

At the end of the day, somebody has to pick up the tab. Guess who? yup, its always those same old tax payers, those voters, and those hard working people who get the burden of war debt on their shoulders plus the interest plus other fees and charges! Funny, most people were and still are against war…