Chinese Muslims Cheer Erdogan’s Xinjiang Visit

Turkey’s prime minister Recip Teyep Erdogan paid an official visit to the muslim province of Xinjiang in China. Erdogan’s China policy has helped to soften China’s stand on muslims in the province. In 2009 reportedly 200 muslims were killed in riots in Uyughur just days after president Abdullah Gul’s state visit. Turkish diplomacy of engaging with the muslim world is placing them in a powerful position to negotiate on muslim affairs.

From Libya to Xinjiang premier Erdogan has earned a reputation of being a visionary leader, with no small thanks to his foreign minister Ahmet Devotoglu. Erdogan has publicly remarked that Turkey cant be blind to its Ottoman past. He is proving through his diplomacy that indeed muslim world under a unitary government would be good for both muslims and non muslims. It would decrease the level of distrust and suspicion currently existing in societies divided on religious fault lines.